LED Teeth Whitening with LaserSkin Specialist

Remarkable results and a beautiful, clean smile.


The world looks brighter from behind a smile! If you’re ready to stop shying away from life’s happy moments, the LaserSkin Specialist can help you with professional Teeth Whitening treatments with fantastic results. Our amazing LED treatments are effective, affordable and administered by a trained professional, giving you peace of mind that you will experience real results! Chat with our experienced clinicians to find out more about the best teeth whitening on the Gold Coast.

  • Brighter, whiter smile
  • Safe, fast & effective
  • 2 – 6 shades lighter
  • Tackles coffee, red wine & smoking stains


Our Prowhitening accelerator uses the most advanced technology to produce a cold light. This process removes harmful heat and ultraviolet light, making the Prowhitening accelerator the most advanced cold light whitening device on the market.

Prowhitening is also completely safe; it doesn’t harm the enamel on your teeth in any way. Research has shown that if the teeth and gums are normal and healthy, there are no adverse side effects to bleaching your pearly whites.

This wonder-treatment is also pain-free, although sensitivity during the treatment may occur. On rare occasions, minor tingling sensations are experienced immediately after the procedure, but these always dissipate.

More reasons we love LED Teeth Whitening

  • No preparation required
  • Removes stains from veneers & crowns
  • Pain-free process
  • Lasts for up to 2 years

LED Teeth Whitening Pricing

Type of Treatment Single Session
Brighter White Smile Package (30 mins) $149
Partner Package - Get treated the same day as a friend & save $30 each $119
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For best results & aftercare for your teeth

To keep your teeth looking their best, we recommend flossing and brushing twice daily.

We also recommend brushing and flossing after drinking / using staining substances such as coffee, tea, cola’s, tobacco, red wine, etc. With proper oral hygiene, you can maintain your beautiful white smile for up to 2 years!

If you are a smoker, consume red wine, or you are a coffee drinker, your teeth may restain sooner. In this case, we recommend repeating this treatment every 6 months as the best way to maintain optimal condition.

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What our customers are saying

” have been shaving and waxing for over 20 years, now I have finally had Laser Hair Removal 6 treatments in & what a difference! I found LaserSkin Specialist to be very knowledgeable, informative, friendly & professional, which gave me great confidence with my treatments.

I am extremely pleased with the results; hair free, rejuvenated skin & enjoying the skin care products recommended for me. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending LaserSkin Specialist.”

Mel Potts

“I have been having laser and IPL treatments at LaserSkin Specialist periodically since I moved to the coast from country Victoria 4 years ago. I wish I had it done years ago. Spending so much time at the beach, I was always conscious of my bikini line. Now I don’t even have to worry as it looks great.

I highly recommend LaserSkin Specialist to everyone because they are very friendly and make you feel comfortable throughout the whole procedure.”

Janine Holyman

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