Facial Treatments with LaserSkin Specialist

Put your best face forward with our customised facial treatments


Are you struggling with acne, congestion, blackheads or dry skin? What about wrinkles or signs of ageing? With our revitalising facial packages, our talented team of beauty therapists will conduct a full skin analysis to help get to the bottom of your concerns and recommend a specific service just for you.

  • Address a range of skin concerns
  • Reduce acne, blemishes & scarring
  • Deep cleanse & revitalise
  • Target wrinkles & fine lines


Microdermabrasion addresses issues such as facial blemishes, acne, congestion, pigmentation and general signs of ageing.

Our microdermabrasion treatments are non-invasive services using corundum crystals that are gently blasted onto the skin’s surface.

This abrades back the layers of the dead cells on the epidermis resulting in smoother, more youthful, brighter and a healthier looking you. Intensity levels can be regulated to suit all skin types and conditions, including:

  • Sun damaged skin
  • Acne scarred skin
  • Congested, dimpled and uneven skin
  • Rough and dehydrated skin


Our services are natural and pain-free. The majority of people find this treatment to be enjoyable.

Your skin may be left with a mild pinkness due to the increased circulation in oxygen, leaving your face feeling refreshed, smooth and clean.

Treatment takes approximately 40 minutes and can be repeated every two weeks or as recommended by our therapists.

This treatment is enhanced when using prescribed cosmeceutical products that are highly beneficial for allowing new skin cells to come to the surface. These products will be prescribed by your beauty therapist.


Your face will feel clean, decongested, smooth and glowing with our microdermabrasion treatments.

After stimulating the basal layer of the skin, this treatment allows for the regenerating process of fresh cells. Following your microdermabrasion treatments, rehydrating products are applied for maximum results. Your face will look and feel wonderfully rejuvenated.


Chemical peels are recommended for people suffering from acne, rough skins, fine wrinkles with peeling, superficial pigmentation and Rosacea.

At the Laserskin Specialist, we offer a range of revitalising and anti-ageing and chemical peels to treat all conditions, including customised treatments for sensitive skins.

We use specific peels for all skin conditions, from rough, photo-aged pigmented skin to the most delicate thin skin with excellent results.

  • LAC PAM GEL 10% – Lactic acid 10%
  • LACM #1 – ph .09
  • LACM #2 – ph 0.6

Our technicians are meticulously trained in all areas of skin treatments and chemical peels. Prior to any treatments, a free no obligation consultation and skin analysis is given to assess your skin and recommend the best course of action.

This will enable the technician to make a professional and accurate choice of treatment. The technician will then prescribe the most appropriate products to use on your skin to achieve maximum results.


Medik8 is an alternative to chemical peeling in patients with delicate skin. These treatments target issues resulting in dry or dull skin, acne and excess oil, rosacea and capillaries, fine lines, sun damage and discolouration. They’re also a fabulous solution to revitalising the skin for a healthy glow.

Using cutting edge ingredients, green manufacturing philosophy and simple yet effective techniques, Medik8 Facials cater for all skin types and deliver immediate visible results alongside numerous long-term benefits. Medik8 facials leave your skin with a beautiful radiant complexion and complete satisfaction.


Hydra8 Facial: Is aimed at dry and dehydrated skin. This facial is designed to nourish and replenish, leaving the complexion glowing and smooth.

Beta Facial: For those clients who are suffering from acne or oily complexions, the Beta facial is recommended. Beta Facials are intensive and packed with anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory ingredients including Kaolin and Volcanic ash clay. This treatment deeply purifies the pores while still providing a calming effect post-extraction, leaving your skin detoxified and hydrated.

Red Alert Facial: This facial is compatible with those suffering from erythema. A delicate treatment that is gentle enough for even hypersensitive skin, soothing irritation and redness in connection with providing essential moisture. The use of Vitamin C, Vitamin K and Teprenone reduce redness and assist with strengthening and sealing broken capillaries.

White Balance Facial: This facial is effective at brightening and evening the tone of hyperpigmented skin, illuminating the complexion and reducing discolouration.

C Tetra Facial: The C-Tetra facial is a sumptuous, antioxidant-rich treatment designed especially for those wishing to improve firmness and photodamaged skin.

  • Rejuvenate complexion for youthful skin
  • Provide continuous hydration without clogging pores
  • Balance skin & reduce blemishes on the skin’s surface
  • Retain essential moisture & decrease redness or irritation
  • Stimulate collagen synthesis to improve texture
  • Reduce acne lesions & promote a clear complexion
  • Diminish the appearance of deep lines & wrinkles
  • Cleansing your pores to prevent whiteheads & blackheads


This includes a thorough skin analysis, double cleanse, deep clean, exfoliation, facial peel and a relaxing hand & face massage with luxurious anti-ageing products. We’ll then conduct an infusing sonophoresis or iontophoresis & calming alginate mask, finished with luxury serums to suit your needs.

This complete anti-ageing facial will last approximately 75 minutes.


Type of Treatment Single Session
Express Microdermabrasion $97
Deluxe Microdermabrasion $139
Chemical Peels $189
Medik8 Facials $89 - $189
Signature Anti-Ageing Facial $204

Discounted Facial Packages also available.

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What our customers are saying

” have been shaving and waxing for over 20 years, now I have finally had Laser Hair Removal 6 treatments in & what a difference! I found LaserSkin Specialist to be very knowledgeable, informative, friendly & professional, which gave me great confidence with my treatments.

I am extremely pleased with the results; hair free, rejuvenated skin & enjoying the skin care products recommended for me. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending LaserSkin Specialist.”

Mel Potts

“I have been having laser and IPL treatments at LaserSkin Specialist periodically since I moved to the coast from country Victoria 4 years ago. I wish I had it done years ago. Spending so much time at the beach, I was always conscious of my bikini line. Now I don’t even have to worry as it looks great.

I highly recommend LaserSkin Specialist to everyone because they are very friendly and make you feel comfortable throughout the whole procedure.”

Janine Holyman

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