The real difference between IPL & Laser Hair Removal


The real difference between IPL & Laser Hair Removal

Are you interested in smooth, luxurious, hair-free skin all year round? If so, you might be wondering what the difference between “IPL” and “laser” hair removal actually is. You’ve probably heard the words used interchangeably in conversation however in actual fact, the two are quite different and recognising these disparities can be very important when deciding which treatment to go for. Of course, upon consultation, your Laser technician will run you through which treatment will be most effective for your specific needs, but it is always a good idea to go in with an unbiased idea of what each treatment entails and how they work.

So what is the difference? Let’s start by taking a look at IPL.

Intense Pulse Light or IPL hair removal treatments use a broad spectrum of light that sends various wavelengths of energy to target a hair follicle. By using multiple wavelengths, these machines are unable to use “selective photothermolysis,” a technique used to target a specific area without damage to the surrounding skin. As such, IPL has the potential to damage or burn your skin, especially for darker skin tones. In addition to potential harm to your skin, IPL’s inability to target specific hair follicles means that there is a far greater chance that you will need to repeat the treatment before it is successful. More than this, research is yet to conclude potential long-term effects from IPL due to the body’s increased exposure to radiation.

Laser hair removal on the other hand, works by emitting a single wavelength to exclusively target a single hair follicle. This single beam of light penetrates the skin and is absorbed by the hair – right down to its’ root – meaning that the hair is unable to regenerate. As such, laser is able to be far more precise in relation to targeting specific hair follicles, meaning they are more likely to be permanently destroyed, without the added worry of damage to surrounding skin.

At LaserSkin Specialist, we only use laser technology for hair removal for the safety and satisfaction of our clients. This is because:

  • Laser technology achieves substantially better results than IPL – 90% of patients experience permanent hair reduction after just 4-6 sessions.
  • Though IPL has a lower initial cost, you will save money using laser technology, through not having to repeat the treatment as many times
  • Lasers are substantially more precise than IPL, allowing a higher rate of permanent hair removal, without the worry of damaging the surrounding skin
  • Specific Lasers are safe on all skin tones and can be used to target small to large areas of your body

Are you ready to get hair-free? At LaserSkin Specialist, all clients receive a complimentary, no obligation consultation test patch, performed by our highly skilled and certified technicians, who have over 15 years’ experience and are licensed by Queensland Radiation.

Say goodbye to razors, tweezers and wax pots with LaserSkin Specialist Laser Hair Removal! To book your no obligation consultation, call us today on (07) 5526 9993 or book online here.


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