Reduce Your Prep Time with Cosmetic Tattooing


How many times have you gone through the routine: wake up, take a shower, get dressed, and rush to put on your makeup just in time to run out the door, only to reapply again after hitting the gym, accidentally smudging it or getting caught in the rain and taking it all off again before going to sleep?

With cosmetic tattooing, reducing your daily prep time has never been easier or more attainable. Ideal for women of all ages, now is the perfect time to consider cosmetic tattooing with our limited time only specials.

Reduced Prep Time & Evening Beauty Routine

Imagine never having to apply or remove your lipstick, eye liner, or eyebrows for the next two to three years! Your morning and evening beauty routine will go much faster and smoother whilst giving you the confidence knowing your makeup looks exactly how want every single day.

Savings on Makeup Products

Say goodbye to bad makeup days forever and quit wasting money buying new makeup products that don’t deliver on their promise. One of the largest benefits we hear from our customers again and again is how they love cutting their makeup costs with products that ultimately end up in the rubbish.

Perfect Customised Look

Our cosmetic tattooing expert, Candice, has years of experience making every woman look her absolute best and brightest, from filling in thin eyebrows for a fuller, more dramatic look, to applying partial and full lip colour for the ultimate understated yet gorgeous colouring.

After an initial consultation to discuss your cosmetic goals and requirements, we work with you to create the perfect customised colour and shape for your chosen cosmetic tattoo. In addition, we pencil on the look before tattooing anything to ensure you have complete control over your final look.

Low Maintenance

While the length of your cosmetic tattoo will vary depending on several factors, from lifestyle to skin type to amount of sun exposure, the majority of clients won’t need to come in for a colour refresh for 12 to 18 months after their initial tattoo, or have their tattoo redone for 2 to 3 years.

Minimal Down Time

While we recommend taking the day off work following a full lip treatment, the down time for nearly all of our cosmetic tattoos is extremely minimal, with no need for unsightly bandages. Depending on the type of cosmetic tattoo, some clients have even returned to work the very same day.

Enhanced Confidence

Though the reasoning behind your desire for cosmetic tattoos are personal, we have been delighted to hear that our tattooing procedures have helped correct asymmetric features you may be self-conscious about, as well as redefine specific features related to a previous surgery or injury.

Range of Options

Whatever the reason for your visit, we look forward to helping you look and feel your best with our wide range of cosmetic tattooing options, including gorgeous feather touch brows, upper and lower eye liner, lip line and blend, full lip, upper thick liner, and upper and lower lash enhancement.

For additional questions or to schedule your initial cosmetic tattoo consultation, please give us a call at 07 5526 9993 or email

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