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Ginger & Me Barefoot & Silky Foot Peel


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No more excuses for unsightly dry, scaly, calloused feet this summer or ever, GINGER&ME has you covered! With only one 90-minute treatment and within just 7-days you can enjoy soft, smooth feet, and then keep them looking that way with a daily oil soak or quick application before bed.

GINGER&ME 7-Day Foot Peel treatment gently removes the dry, cracked skin from feet over a 7-day period. All you need to do is wear the booties for 90 minutes, using this time to put your feet up and relax and then remove the booties, rinse, and dry. Over the next 7 days the skin on your feet will peel away to reveal beautiful, soft, silky skin.

After 7-days, take your Foot Peel treatment results to another level and soak your cares away! This Christmas Foot Peel partners with Body & Bath Oil to ensure next level happy feet. Every night before bed either add the Bath & Body Oil to a foot soak or massage the oil directly on your feet. Both methods will help you enjoy gorgeous, silky feet long-term!

Your Gift Pack Contains:

Ginger & Me Exfoliating Foot Peel

GINGER&ME 7-Day Foot Peel is designed to leave you with soft, smooth, beautiful feet in just 7 days! Fruit Acids help to gently remove dead skin cells allowing dead skin to peel away and results to be visible in as little as 3-4 days with the full treatment complete within 7-9 days. Pain free, safe, and convenient, this incredible treatment allows you to care for and maintain your feet in the comfort of your own home.

Foot Peel’s scientifically formulated natural extracts exfoliate and nourish the skin simultaneously, penetrating the layers of dead skin and working on the Desmosomes (which act as glue to hold your dead skin together). This gentle and effective process unbinds the Desmosomes so that the peeling process can begin, and layers of dead skin start to peel away. In other words, goodbye to rough, dry, and cracked soles!

How To Use:

Soak feet in water for 10 minutes. Dry and put them into the Exfoliating Foot Socks. Gently massage feet to get consistent coverage. Put regular socks over the top of Exfoliating Foot Socks, leave on for 90 minutes and then rinse in water. Peeling will start by day 3-4 with the full treatment visible by day 7-9. For best results soak your feet in warm water every day for 15 minutes. Once peeling has finished massage your feet daily with GINGER&ME Body Butter or Bath & Body Oil.

Ginger & Me Body Oil

A super indulgent and natural Body Oil to feed and protect the skin. A unique and generous blend of rich oils and therapeutic Australian essences gift the skin with super nourishment and hydration supporting skin healing and skin health.

Designed as a powerful reminder to be Happy, Brave and Grateful this indulgent, results driven but luxurious body collection is infused with three divine signature scents to offer skin hydration, nourishment, protection and make for a beautiful gift too!

How to Use:

After a shower or bath towel off and apply onto body, massage in but be sure not to over-rub. Use freely and as needed. Add to bath water, soften cuticles, massage feet, and moisturise hair.

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