Mastering that killer set of ‘brows


Who’s your brow-spiration?

Whether you prefer a bold brow like Sophia Vergara, a mysterious look defined by steep arches (Jourdan Dunn ?) or maybe something a little straighter as seen on the likes of Kendall Jenner, our cosmetic tattooing specialist is a master at recreating those beautiful brows!

Read on for more info on beautiful brow shapes, how to pull them off and which celebs are currently rocking your look!



Brow shape: Thick

Celeb’s who rock it: Emma Watson, Sophia Vergara & Camilla Belle

Best for: round, oval, long, square faces


Pulling it off:

Step away from the tweezers!

Whilst you’ll want to do a little grooming to eliminate unwanted strays, it’s so important to keep tweezing to a minimum, especially around the arch to ensure those bold beauties don’t look too harsh on your face.

Have a trim

If you’re new to brow trimming, you might be a little nervous at first but never fear, it’s actually a lot simpler than it looks. Simply grab your spoolie and brush your brows upwards then, with the utmost precision, give those bad-boys a slight trim. To ensure you don’t take too much off or create an odd shape, continue to brush them back down after each snip.

Don’t go too dark

 If you’re not naturally blessed with thick eyebrows but you want to rock this timeless look, try softly shading them with an eyebrow pencil – but make sure to choose the right colour! The last thing you want is a set of angry brows.


When crafting thick brows, the most common mistake made is making them too harsh for your skin tone or face shape. To overcome this, remember to keep the front of your brows light and have it fade into the darkest point, the tail.



Brow shape: Thin (but not too thin!)

Celeb’s who rock it: Taylor Swift, Kristen Stewart & Megan Fox

Best for: heart-shaped, oval faces + close set eyes


Pulling it off:

Got curves?

If your eyebrows have a natural curve, a thin shape may be the perfect way to add emphasis without straying too far from your naturally beautiful structure.

For the blondies

If you’ve got fair hair and thin brows, it’s easy to look a little washed out – especially if you’ve got pale skin. To combat this, try shading your brows a touch darker than the rest of your hair which will help to accentuate your gorgeous eyes.

It’s all about definition

Create the perfect definition for thin brows with a little tweezing or trimming, then coat with a clear mascara for a lustrous look.



Brow shape: Steep Arch

Celeb’s who rock it: Jourdan Dunn, Olivia Wilde & Kaley Cuoco

Best for: round, oval, square faces


Pulling it off:

Measure your brows

Take your brow pencil and place it vertically on the bridge of your nose so the tip is just touching the start of your brow. Then turn the pencil so it sits on the edge of your nostril and extends past the tail so you know where to stop.

Don’t go below!

When crafting steep arches, avoid tweezing below your brow as this can give you a shocked or surprised look (save that for Halloween)! Contemporary steep arches are quite angular so it’s generally best to craft this shape with a pencil or shadow.

Fill it lightly

Grab your pencil (preferably a light colour if you’re new to brow shading) and, starting from the tail, begin creating soft-ish strokes angled towards your temple. Continue to extend this clean, angular shape towards the start of your brow, becoming gradually softer as you go. Then, with your trusty spoolie, blend your brows from the bridge to tail.

Instant facelift

Now it’s time to spray your spoolie with a little hairspray before combing your brows in the same angle as your pencil strokes to emphasise your arches.



Brow shape: Arched

Celeb’s who rock it: Beyonce, Rita Ora & Joan Smalls

Best for: round, oval, square faces


Pulling it off:

Map it out

When shaping your steep arches, try drawing on your desired shape before taking to them with your tweezers to ensure the shape is right for your features. Your face will thank you later!

Highlight first

Contrary to common practice, you’ll want to reach for your highlighter before defining your shape. Achieve this by highlighting your brow bone before smoothing upwards for a natural feel.

Trust your shape

Never try to completely reinvent the wheel, rather try to accentuate the beautiful features you already have. Instead of hacking at your brows with wax or tweezers, try using a pencil or shadow for a more defined shape.



Brow shape: Rounded

Celeb’s who rock it: Gigi Hadid, Emma Stone & Kim Kardashian

Best for: Heart-shaped, square, oval, diamond faces + close set eyes


Pulling it off:

Avoid ageing brows

Rounded brows have the potential to make you look a little raccoon-esque if your shape too closely reflects the circles under your eyes. Try to curve them slightly off-centre to ensure a more natural asymmetrical finish.

Avoid over-plucking

Rounded brows look fantastic if they’re naturally full so try to only pluck when absolutely necessary.

Fill em

Rounded or slightly arched brows look best when slightly filled and regularly maintained so make sure to tend to them regularly.



Brow shape: S-Shaped

Celeb’s who rock it: Angelina Jolie, Penelope Cruz & Allison Williams

Best for: round, long, heart-shaped, square, oval, diamond faces


Pulling it off:

El natural

For a beautiful S-Shape, thicker more natural looking brows can look amazing so try to keep the plucking maintenance to a minimum.

Fair haired

If you’ve got lovely blonde hair, you can add a little accentuation to your features by shading your brows a few shades darker than your mane.


Alternatively, try trimming and manicuring your brows to a slightly angular form to achieve a more seductive appearance.



Brow shape: Straight

Celeb’s who rock it:  Jennifer Lawrence, Miranda Kerr & Kendall Jenner

Best for: long, oval, heart-shaped faces + close set eyes


Pulling it off:

Gel it on

To create that lovely sleek look for straight eyebrows, try using a brow gel – clear for darker brows, tinted for fair ones.

Never use black

Although straight brows look amazing when thick and bold, always avoid using a black pencil even if you’re naturally black-haired as it will generally look too harsh. Dark brown is always a safer option.


Subtly define your face and show of those straight brows by gently tapering them at the ends to creating a thinner tail.


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