Ladies Laser Hair Removal with LaserSkin Specialist

Say goodbye to prickles, rashes and incessant shaving with
Ladies Laser Hair Removal!


Let’s face it, nobody loves hair maintenance. It takes time, it hurts, and it always grows back way too quickly. Thankfully, our laser clinic specialises in fast and permanent hair reduction backed by the power of our medical grade lasers – meaning less time shaving and more time enjoying your freedom!

If you’re after a safe, reliable and permanent solution to your unwanted hair, let our clinicians devise a complete treatment plan to get you hair-free and carefree in no time at all.

  • No more waxing, shaving or plucking
  • Eliminates ingrown hairs & shaving rash
  • No down time
  • Simple after care
  • Boosts confidence
  • Quick, reliable & permanent!


Our laser hair removal service offers a gentle, effective and safe solution for all skin types. Our Dual Light SHR provides superior quality of treatment and has been designed especially to treat hair removal only.

The laser is attracted to the pigment in your hair follicle which absorbs the light and essentially prevents its ability to regrow. After each treatment, your hair will become finer, grow slower and gradually become thinner while your skin becomes softer and smoother. Win-win!

Our qualified laser technicians are also licensed & certified by Queensland Radiation to ensure the very best treatment for each and every one of our patients.

Common treatment areas of Laser Hair Removal:

  • Brazilian
  • Underarms
  • Arms
  • Legs
  • Lip & Chin
  • Hormonal Growth

Laser Hair Removal Pricing

Type of Treatment Single Session Pre-pay 4 Sessions
Underam $79 $59.25
Face $120 $90
Lip & Chin $99 $74.25
Half Arms $150 $114.75
Full Arms $250 $199.75
Full Chest & Shoulders $250 $199.75
Full Back & Shoulders $250 $199.75
Bikini $100 $75
Brazilian (includes back) $169 $124.75
Buttocks $199 $149.75
Half Legs $199 $149.75
Full Leg $250 $199.75
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For best results – aftercare for your skin

After having your laser hair removal treatment, your skin might look a little red and can retain some heat for up to 48 hours, but it is 100% safe & offers zero downtime.

To help protect the skin and soothe any warmth or redness around the treated area, we recommend using the Lira Spa Nourishing Oil which will help to hydrate the skin and draw out any residual heat. It’s also important to stay away from sun exposure, hot showers, swimming pools and any activity which will cause excessive sweating & heat for at least 24 hours post-treatment.

To ensure your treatments are completely effective, you should avoid waxing, plucking or using depilatory creams for hair growth in between hair removal sessions. You can shave if necessary, but it’s not required as we do this for you prior to your treatment.

We also recommend using the Lira Spa Nourishing Oil from 2 days post-treatment to repair, strengthen & nourish the skin as well as helping to release ingrown hairs & to encourage the hair to drop away from the follicle.

Appointments will be scheduled at around 2 weeks apart for face and 4 weeks for the body.

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What our customers are saying

” have been shaving and waxing for over 20 years, now I have finally had Laser Hair Removal 6 treatments in & what a difference! I found LaserSkin Specialist to be very knowledgeable, informative, friendly & professional, which gave me great confidence with my treatments.

I am extremely pleased with the results; hair free, rejuvenated skin & enjoying the skin care products recommended for me. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending LaserSkin Specialist.”

Mel Potts

“I have been having laser and IPL treatments at LaserSkin Specialist periodically since I moved to the coast from country Victoria 4 years ago. I wish I had it done years ago. Spending so much time at the beach, I was always conscious of my bikini line. Now I don’t even have to worry as it looks great.

I highly recommend LaserSkin Specialist to everyone because they are very friendly and make you feel comfortable throughout the whole procedure.”

Janine Holyman

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