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At LaserSkin Specialist, we are passionate about helping our clients achieve real results. Each journey begins with a thorough consultation to uncover the factors that may be compromising your skin health. We then put together a treatment plan to help you work towards your skin goals! It’s important to note that each journey will look a little bit different: your skin is unique so your prescribed treatment plan will be too!

Today, we will be talking you through some of the most common concerns we see in-clinic, including acne, pigmentation and ageing. We will explain common causes, our most popular treatment options and show you some of our real client results!




Acne is one of the most complicated concerns to treat, as there are a multitude of factors that may be causing your skin to break out. Most commonly, acne is caused by hormonal changes, stress and diet. However, external factors such as products, makeup and hygiene can also contribute to unhappy skin.

Once you have begun to narrow down causes of breakouts, you can then begin making lifestyle changes reducing inflammation, managing oil flow, repairing the skin barrier, controlling active breakouts, and reducing scarring! This process generally involves daily home care and regular clinical treatments.


There are a number of treatments available for acne-prone skin. These include:

Blue LED: targets the p.acne bacteria, responsible for breakouts and reduces inflammation
Chemical Peels: salicylic acid peels may be particularly beneficial when to targeting active breakouts
IPL: uses light to promote skin healing, clear active breakouts and assist with scarring
Skin Needling: most effective once active breakouts have healed, can assist with scarring
Microdermabrasion: manually exfoliates dead skin cells to reduce surface congestion


Tamara first came to our clinic a few months ago. She was dealing with breakouts predominantly around her cheeks, chin and jawline. There was also a lot of inflammation in the skin – you can see the breakouts are raised, red and angry!

The first step was determining the causes of her breakouts through a thorough consultation process. Next, we introduced some products into her regime to help reduce the active breakouts, calm inflammation and strengthen her skin’s barrier in preparation for our clinical treatments.

Tamara had a series of skin needling treatments as well as TCA Peels throughout her journey at LSS. TCA Peels are one of the newest additions to our treatment menu. The key ingredient, Trichloroacetic Acid (TCA), specifically targets the surface layer of the skin. This helps to remove imperfections such as acne as well as sun-damaged skin, age spots, fine wrinkles and uneven skin tone. These peels are applied in multiple layers, allowing customisation of your treatment.

Tamara was also consistent with her homecare, which included personally prescribed cosmeceuticals. Her skin has come along in leaps and bounds since we first met her. It goes to show that consistency really will lead to results!

Our team are highly experienced in diagnosing and treating acne in clients of all ages. If you are tired of dealing with breakouts, book a consultation with our team here.



Pigmentation comes in different forms, including sun damage, age spots, scarring and melasma. It can be triggered by genetics, hormones, sun exposure, skin trauma or ageing.

There are two forms of pigmentation we see most often in the clinic. The first is a hormonal pigmentation disorder called melasma which is most prevalent in women. Melasma is usually triggered by hormonal changes, such as taking the contraceptive pill or pregnancy (sometimes referred to as the ‘mask of pregnancy’). The second is sun damage. The sun causes an uneven increase in melanin production, which produces irregular colouring of the skin. The sun can also cause a permanent stretching of small blood vessels, giving your skin an uneven, reddish appearance. Over 80% of skin ageing is caused by UV exposure, proving just how important daily SPF application is.

While some hormone-related pigmentation may naturally fade once the trigger is removed, other forms should be treated as promptly as possible to avoid it worsening over time.


Cosmelan: a leading depigmentation treatment that targets existing pigmentation as well as inhibiting melanin production to prevent further pigmentation from developing.
IPL: can be used to target the melanin in pigment, assisting the body to break it down and remove it naturally.
Peels: uses a blend of acids and active ingredients to remove surface layers of the skin and brighten dark spots.
Skin Needling: encourages cell turnover and skin healing to improve tone and texture of the skin


Jen came to us looking for a solution for her pigmentation. While some of her freckles were genetic, most of her discolouration was exaccerbated by sun exposure. We introduced some brightening products into her home regime that include ingredients such as retinol and AHAs to help lift dead skin cells and encourage cell turnover. Vitamin C and antioxidants are also important to help brighten the skin and prevent future oxidation of the skin which can lead to further pigmentation.

We then began a series of TCA Peels and skin needling treatments to break down the pigment in the skin. The regeneration of skin cells that microneedling causes can disperse clusters of melanin, lightening dark spots. Combining this with peels that focus on brightening the skin ensures you are targeting discolouration that is visible now as well as any that may come to the surface in the future.

As you can see, this treatment plan really helped to lift discoloration and brighten the skin! The above photos were taken at the beginning of Jen’s skin journey and just a few months later.



Whether we like it or not, ageing is a fact of life. Facial ageing is a dynamic process involving the ageing of soft-tissue and bony structures. The signs of ageing can be categorized into two main causes: intrinsic and extrinsic. Intrinsic ageing is “chronological” ageing influenced by genetics and hormones⁠. Extrinsic ageing is considered “premature” ageing caused by environmental factors such as photoageing, smoking, diet, chemicals, and trauma.

Both types of ageing lead to:

  • Collagen production slowing (collagen contributes to skin’s firmness) ⁠
  • Elastin production decreasing (elastin contributes to skin’s elasticity) ⁠
  • Fat cells beginning to disappear (which can lead to sagging skin) ⁠
  • Your skin losing its ability to retain moisture ⁠
  • Frown lines appearing due to small muscle contractions ⁠
  • Dead skin cells not being shed as quickly ⁠
  • Slightly less turnover of new skin cells

While we can prevent ageing, there are a number of treatments that can help to slow or counteract these natural processes to help you maintain a youthful complexion for longer.


Red LED: helps to stimulate collagen and elastin production to plump skin
Peels & Facials: help to smooth fine lines and infuse the skin with active ingredients to target ageing at a cellular level
Skin Needling: boosts collagen production, helping to smooth fine lines and assist with photoageing
Cosmetic Injectables: help to reduce muscle movement, preventing deeper wrinkles and can replace lost volume


Elona came to LSS looking to help rejuvenate her complexion and reverse some common signs of ageing including fine lines, wrinkles and pigmentation. Once again, we utilized the powerful combination of skin needling and peels to target these concerns at a cellular level.

Skin needling uses microneedles to stimulate collagen production. This is why it is also known as Collagen Induction Therapy. According to a 2008 study, skin treated with four microneedling sessions spaced one month apart, produced up to a 400% increase in collagen and elastin six months after completing treatment! We also used chemical peels to resurface, brighten and increase cell turnover. The result is firmer, brighter, more youthful skin.

Elona also introduced active ingredients into her regime. These products include hero ingredients such as Vitamin C, Vitamin A, peptides and lipids to encourage cell turnover, maintain hydration, improve barrier function and reduce fine lines. Our cosmeceutical ranges have various product strengths, allowing clients to increase the potency of active ingredients to ensure their results never plateau.

We are so thrilled to see the improvements in Elona’s skin after since starting her journey with us!


Ready to reach your skin goals? Come and see the team at LaserSkin Specialist for a consultation! We will perform a thorough skin analysis to uncover the causes of your skin concerns and tailor a treatment plan to help you achieve real results!
Simply book here to get started!

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